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April 19, 2018

Yak Babies is hosted by Aaron Block (@ay_be), David Duhr (@Write_By_Night), and Brick Road (@heroicbrickroad), three personal pals who love good books, and who also love being critical dicks when it comes to things that are bad. 

Aaron, Dave, and Brick are three personal pals who met at an MFA program in Boston 10 years ago, and have been podcasting about books and publishing since 2012 when they began The Page Count Podcast along with some other editors at the erstwhile Chamber Four Publishing. When Chamber Four gave up the ghost, the podcast was renamed Book Hockey! If you want to, you can get our nearly 100 old episodes of Book Hockey! (a hard name to leave behind) for free on the Internet Archive.  We've gotten better at focusing our discussions and now we actually edit the podcasts properly, so we felt it was time for a reboot.
We will still be bringing you the same great content: book reviews, reading clubs, in-depth discussions, dunks on James Patterson and Tyler Knott Gregson, Bro2Bro, Juvenalia, EIME Machine contests, plus plenty more games and silliness (and possibly some guest appearances--but not that damn gnome!). However, no more 2-hour-long files full of pauses and dog barks. Now you can look forward to cleaner, shorter, and more focused episodes delivered to you for free every Thursday. No more waiting three fortnights for an episode. 
You can find us on iTunes and SoundCloud, or stick the below RSS link into your favorite podcasting app, to subscribe for free.


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