We're back and talking books: North American Lake Monsters, by Nathan Balingrud; Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro; Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon; The Last Day, by Andrew Hunter Murray; Roadside Picnic, by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky; Mask of Mirrors, by M.A. Carrick; Piranesi, by Susanna Clarke; When the Reckoning Comes, by LaTanya McQueen; Murder at Melrose Court, by Karen Baugh Menuhin; The Word for World is Forest, by Ursula K. Le Guin; Hater, by John Semley; Batman '89, by Sam Hamm; Red Room, by Ed Piskor.

The pals reach deep into the canon and put one of the most esteemed novels in English literature to the cannon test.

It's another What Are We Reading episode! Books this time: Midnight's Children, by Salman Rushie; Gravity's Rainbow, by Thomas Pynchon; Galapagos, by Kurt Vonnegut; Ultramega, by James Harren; Batman: The Adventures Continue, by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini; Squadron Supreme, by Mark Gruenwald.

It's another What Are We Reading episode! Books this time: The Complete Peanuts, by Charles Schultz; An Introduction to Buddhism, by the Dalai Lama; Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius; Ask Iwata, edited by Hobonichi; Women Talking, by Miriam Toews; Steppenwolf, by Hermann Hesse; Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir; Hey Kids! Comics!, by Howard Chaykin; The Good Asian, by Pornsak Pichetshote; Monk!: Thelonious, Pannonica, and the Friendship Behind a Musical Revolution, by Yusef Daoudi.

The pals discuss the four-hour DC movie resurrection know as The Synder Cut. Like any good comic book discussion, there are opinions and there are questions. Questions like: why is there a dream sequence where Batman is wearing a trench coat over his Batsuit?

It's another round of Canon or Cannon! This time we read Herman Melville's classic story "Bartleby, the Scrivener" and choose whether we want to keep it a required read or prefer not to. 

Dave shares Saunders's first novel with his pals.

Canon is Cannon. The pals discuss George Orwell's 1984 and whether it's as important as everyone who hasn't read it says it is.

Let's talk about the books: Revolver, by Evan Schwartz; Bat Boy Lives, by Weekly World News; You're Ruining the Dystopia for Everyone, by Frank Conniff; The Cement Garden, by Ian McEwan; The Force, by Don Winslow; Sorcery of Thorns, by Margaret Rogerson; Throne of Glass, by Sarah Mass; Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Barduga; The Awkward Black Man, by Walter Mosley; 33 1/3: Golden Hits of the Shangri-Las, by Ada Wolin; Rorschach, by Tom King; The Immortal Hulk, by Al Ewing.

The pals read (listened to anyway) a grimdark fantasy book at Nico's behest: The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. They liked it more than Early Work.

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