Brick delivers one of the toughest EIMEs yet. Are these translation-garbled quotes from Bill Watterson's venerated comic Calvin and Hobbes, French theologian John Calvin, or British philosopher (and general dick) Thomas Hobbes?

No new episode this week because Brick is too busy to finish an edit, but we're breaking a game out from the Patreon vault. Guess along with the pals at these garbled first lines to famous novels. 

April 2, 2020

95- Kentucky Route Zero

Nico and Brick discuss a video game that maybe wants too much to be a book: critical darling magical-realist postmodern adventure game Kentucky Route Zero.

January 30, 2020

89- Lifetime Books

As much a game as an episode, get to know the pals a little better as they guess each others' Top 5 favorite books.

December 24, 2019

Bonus! EIME: Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas! We're opening the Patreon vaults to all our listeners this year. 

Brick cranks up the EIME machine and churns some classic Christmas tunes through its innards. Learn all about the Peehoe Child, the Three Little Kings, and the Horse-Christ!

The pals talk about which books feature worlds they would want to inhabit, and those in which they wouldn't want to live. As is often the case, it devolves into therapy for Aaron who wishes Jesus was Superman so he could love him without feeling Texas shame.

October 27, 2018

EIME: Horror Novels

The gang tries to decipher the titles and synopses of famous horror books/stories after the've been translated from English to Igbo to Maori then back to English.

October 12, 2018

Monster Draft 2018

The pals have a fantasy style draft for horror movie monsters. Which team / scenario would you least like to wake up to (without any clothes on, for added discomfort)? Vote for your pick on Twitter @YakBabies.

Time for an EIME machine combo pack! Dave feeds the boys garbled lines and titles from Shakespeare's plays, then adds a bonus round of verses from famous poems. The battle for the title of Greatest EIME Pal is waged!

Aaron dug up some declassified files the FBI opened on famous authors and quizzes the personal pals from his findings. Material gathered from the book Subject: Writers by MuckRock.

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