September 22, 2018

Bro2Bro: Freezer Pubes

Dave shares a strange phenomenon he's observed.

September 22, 2018

Bro2Bro: Gym Bathroom Breaks

Aaron confesses his workouts are being interrupted by bowel movements.

Another b2b241. The pals discuss the change in seasons and debate which holiday is the best holiday.

A Bro2Bro 2for1, featuring more books and less balls this time around.

August 18, 2018

Bro2Bro: Gold Bond

Brick asks the pals about their Gold Bond (TM) preferences.

Aaron is confused about the literal and figurative implications of large testicles, and how "cultural norms" are tested by bicycle seats.

The pals discuss bro2bro their preferences about music while reading and writng. They also discuss the practice of including song titles in writing, and whether that is ever a good idea.

Brick gets real about his own political viewpoints and asks his pals bro2bro about the immigration policies of the United States.

Bricks asks his pals a urinal positioning question, bro to bro. Aaron shares his first encounter with a communal "bird bath" sink.

Fans of Book Hockey! will remember our Bro2Bro segment (mostly for the theme song) where the personal pals ask each other some very important and often manly questions.

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